Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Indian Weddings

What do I love most about Indian weddings? The people and the food!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who cares about the couple;) They are just a means of providing this wedding entertainment for us:)

My wedding next month makes me muse about Indian weddings:) So colo"u"rful, so bright, so many people, so much noise, so muct activity, so much frenzy, so lively and so lovely:)

What I like best in weddings is like I said two things: people and food. When I was a kid, I was a pampered one, totally spoilt by my aunts and my cousins, I am much younger than most of them. So whenever I went for a wedding, I was totally smothered with goodies;) Be it food or fun rides or special place in mantaps be it anything, I completely used to feel like some queen straight out of Mysore palace;)

As I grew older I changed but the fun remained the same and so did the pampering:) I so love it, even to date all my cousins pamper me so much! My aunts too, specials are made just for me, everyone else gets so jealous and that makes me feel all the more better;) In weddings that I attended as an adoloscent, it was a different kind of special place. Everyone who came for the wedding, would wonder at who this girl is, because my aunts would deck me up so much, so much admiration and all the aunties talking about who did what, who wore what, what their sons/daughters did latest and greatest and so much more gossip!

Then comes the BEST part of it all, shadi ka khana (wedding feast). Sankethi weddings especially, I love the obbattus and the chaklis and the murmura unde and all that fancy good stuff. And Telugu weddings of course the traditional food and sweets and so much to eat, mirhci bajji, pakodi, gongura wow!!

In my own wedding, I know everyone else is going to have fun while I am sitting in the mantap busy tying the knot(rather getting the knot tied;) ) so I wish so much that I am able to attend at least one first circle wedding everytime I hop to India;) Indian weddings rock!!!


Vj/Buddha said...

Hi Divya,
Great to hear from you! Well there are not too many people I know who went to wisconson ..
how is life ? so not a tough guess ..

Getting married is it! Awesome ! Do ping me before you marriage .. do like to make it to the Shaddi ka davat!

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