Sunday, January 01, 2006

How my Racquetball went for a toss

..was thinking about writing this in the blog this morning when I was playing racquetball with Aayana;) I thought, why not, its a good matter for a few laughs!

So I took this course in Racquetball in Spring 2002 when I was doing my Masters in the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Actually, come to think of it, what my friends used to say about how I "played" through to get my Masters kind of sounds right to me now;):P

I took Racquetball 101 in Spring 2002, and Swimming 101 in Fall 2002, and then in 2003 I interned for GE, (which was a sizeable 1-year chunk of my Masters career) AND during that time I did a German 101 course:P I also dared to register for Golf 101 in the Summer of 2002 but later dropped out. Now none of these credits counted toward my degree as such, but I was so totally "vela" (read as extraordinarily capable of multitasking:P) that I did these anyway;)

So anyway I went and bought a Racquet dutifully at Dunham Sports in West Gate Mall and me and my roomie Navrina started going to the class. That was my first "unnecessary" purchase in the US ever (no, I am not counting all the double-scoop waffle cones I ate up every evening at Union Square or Memorial Union, and that got me to 145lbs too, mind you). The first time I dared to buy something that was not an absolute necessity.

Then we started playing, boy, that class was at 7.10 in the morning I think, and we started off in what is possibly the worst winter month in WI, February. I still remember wearing multiple layers of clothes and taking them all off in the locker room, and going out to play in shorts. This was one exercise that made us take 2 hours for what would have been a 50 minute class:P Wearing clothes and jackets and shoes and gloves and what-not = 15 min, taking them off in SERF = 15min, you know again wearing them and taking them off at home, phew!! A whole hour gone just in bracing against the winter demon.

So anyway I played and played all Spring and the instructor was really good. We used to have these fun tournaments, and eventually at the end of the sem, I think I used to always play in the "Winner's court", I was always second, there was this other guy who was totally good. But this morning I was thinking, whoa! that seems so distant. I still remember even after that sem, I continued playing Racquetball for nearly a year till Summer of 2003. I used to play alone, when I didn't have anyone to play with, but it was fun:P

BUT you should see me play now, this morning was my second round after nearly three years since I started, and I was pathetic:)) May the powers in nature, bestow back on me my once good game ! (That was a lame attempt at creating a blessing jibe)

So you are thinking, what is the ohh-so-important point in this blog, does this need so much blogspace? Answer is no!!! I wasn't having anything better to do so I wrote it, and if you are mad, then I am not responsible (Yes, this is a disclaimer!)



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