Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I love to laugh..

..at almost anything. Some of the best laughing days we have had though is when we used to laugh at/for nothing. I must mention all my friends here, Teju, Shetty, Vamshi and Rathi. Now, Vamshi, Teju and I are the only three souls who are capable of laughing at nothing or creating something out of thin air to laugh at. So much so that Shetty was always troubled. "Girls!", she used to say, in her typical St. Ann's Captain style, "you must stop your sidey jokes". And there, we laughed again, we will laugh at whatever sidey, uppey or downey jokes we want!!!:)):)) Remember Teju?;):))

So we scared quite a lot of people with our laughing. Some of the most striking are when one of our lecturers in St. Francis, refused to teach our class because he was intimidated by the "girls of 2A". Another is when we went for our second round of EAMCET counselling. We just went there to hang out, none of us had any real business to do, we just finished all the movies in town so we went to the counseling to hang out;) We laughed so much that one of our friends (not one of us five) disowned us because she was embarassed at the way we were goofing around and went and sat by a corner.

Lots more history to think of when I think of laughing. How much I goofed around in Hyd!! I so much want to start doing that again;) But for that I need the right combo of people, like Teju and Vamshi, and of course Shruti and Rathi to sit with us and get embarassed;)

I still love to laugh, and take every opportunity at it;) Like Darcy says in Pride and Prejudice, what defence can a man have against a person whose sole objective in life is to laugh;)


Tejaswini said...

Divs, I've always maintained that my best friends are those with whom I can laugh for no apparent reason.

To add to the memories:
1. Laughing like crazy in Omshi's house. Poor uncle!
2. Laughing over your concept of the gold chain rotation
3. Laughing in the C++ class (omshi - i really still feel sorry for that prof be. I mean, how can you control two people who laugh because there's no whiteboard eraser?)
4. Shetty's description and our interpretation of what she was doing on a bench, behind the bushes, under a tree.
5. Us ordering 1 plate fried rice for 6 of us and Shetty ordering 6 bhelpuris alone
6. Finding something oh-so-funny about Karthikeyan sir and Frenchey!
7. Laughing at Vamshi's 'usa' ma-am.
8. Shruti going: 'your sleeve is in the butter miss'
9. You girls, vaishali included, hiding in the loo to save yourself from sanskrit ma'am.
10. Divya's time-clock for EVERYTHING ;) :p
11. Divya's dancing!
12. Mary ma-am's 'I am not a fool! Am I a fool?'
13. Jyoti ma-am making me sit in the first bench so I wouldnt keep laughing with omshi :)

You reminded me of the 'sidey, uppey, downey' thing be. I had almost forgotten it I think!

How I miss those days!

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