Sunday, May 24, 2015

Missing this

Yesterday we took the kids to the club house in our layout. As usual, there were kids, parents watching, some old ladies chatting etc. While I was entertaining the younger one on the slide, a woman walked along to where the old ladies were sitting and chatting and handed them a dabba. Evebtually I figured out it was Halwa which the woman had made. After all the ladies had a little bit, one of the old ladies said "Bahu ho to aisi, ise khana pakaane ka aur khilaane ka bahut shauk hai" (This is the exemplary daughter-in-law, she loves cooking and feeding people). And then some more. I presume she was her mother in law.

That instantly reminded me of my own mother-in-law. She very often used to give unhindered (and often undeserved) praise in my favour. Whenever anyone visited or when she was with her relations, I know she always found happiness and pride when she spoke of me and/or praised me! I always loved that! Now, no one there to fill that gap :( My mother-in-law was always very explicit in showing how she cherished me. Somehow yesterday I heard that and missed my mother-in-law, just like that. She manifests her presence in so many ways, even after almost four years since she left us..


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