Monday, June 01, 2015

Yet another new beginning

Today schools started after the summer vacation. Older one now goes to 1st standard! I cannot believe it. It is a new experience, now he will be at school full day with snack box and lunch box and water and what not. Yeah, forget the acads, I am always worried about what he eats and whether he will eat!!! Rest if easy ;)

I hope he has a great time and many more such exciting school years. Regardless of what he felt (mostly regret, I think, at the vacation coming to an end), he got up, got ready, ate and sat in the bus and went - just like that. We got his section changed so he can be in the same class as our neighbor's kid, his only friend in the layout, so we are hoping that will have some benefits and will bring some comfort to both of them!

And a huge kudos to grandparents. Managing two rowdy boys at home all day is no joke and they did it! Phew! :)


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