Sunday, April 19, 2015


Today the son finishes two years! That seems like a long long time. And yet, it is just two years!

The brothers are worth watching :) They fight, they pull out each others hair and they also love. Especially the older one swings from one spectrum of being extremely possessive of his toys and getting really upset with his brother for playing with them to the other end where he can entertain his brother for hours on end. The younger one just blindly follows the older one. Period. Anywhere he goes, anything he says, he will follow and do it!

That also marks one year of moving into the current house. Its been a good stay so far, the teething issues notwithstanding. Looking forward to many more!

Today I ran 10K for the first time. One of my colleagues wanted me to run the TCS 10K happening later in May and I was not at all sure I could do it. Plus he wanted me to enlist for the corporate team challenge where you had to have a competitive timing et al. So I told him that I first wanted to check if I can even run or not and off I went early AM on a Sunday to test my mettle! I finished in 56 minutes and a few seconds and he was very happy and registered me for the TCS 10K! I could have never imagined this even a year ago! Me running 10K in one shot in under an hour for the very first time! Again, nothing but gratitude to my body for performing these unthinkable feats!


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