Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Bye 2014!! Hi 2015!!

It's been an eventful year - yet again.

Kids - Both kids reached major milestones this year. One turned 5 and the other turned 1! It was also Rohan's first year at a regular school out of Cisco. He adjusted remarkably well - right from hopping on the school bus on day ONE!

Fitness wise too, its been an awesome year - shed almost all of the weight from the second pregnancy - well, ALMOST! Some of it just refuses to go, thanks to two C-Sections.

Moved into the new house this year finally and enjoying all that extra space!

Made a long pending, and long overdue switch in teams at work. This will be my fourth innings in Cisco - hoping it will be a good and interesting one, as with the last three! I've had this team for the last four years though and will certainly miss them.

2015 will be a year full of the decade-long milestones - my stint at Cisco, Subhash's brothers wedding, our engagement and so on and so forth! Looking forward to them!

Really hoping 2015 lives up to all expectations we have from it!


Anonymous said...

What made you change your team 4 times, if you really miss them so much ;-)

DivSu said...

Anonymous - Ah, well, life has to move on unfortunately..

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