Sunday, February 15, 2015

The unexpected :)

On Friday evening, one of my engineers came to my office just as I was about to leave. He mentioned that the 5C corporate challenge was this weekend (he participates every year in TT) and they were short of one runner and if I'd like to run. It was a 5K run and given that I run 4K every morning, I thought I could manage even if at short notice. I said yes, and before I knew it, I was up at 5 AM this morning and driving to Sarjapur to participate!

As if that was not unexpected enough, I actually won the Gold for women's category. I was shocked, I mean, actually shocked. These were all marathoners and 10K runners all around. In fact I told the guy who was a seasoned runner (and won the men's gold), our team's lead so to speak and who was coming along with me, that I am not a great runner and he should not expect anything but a placeholder. I was fully prepared to be one among the last people to finish. Really, I am stumped.

Victory brings a lot of satisfaction and introspection. And the more I think, the more I thank. I just feel thankful to my body first :) It has always been a very well behaved one, never caused too much trouble, delivered two kids and still keeps going. I always think of my body as separate from my brain and today my brain truly said kudos to my body :) Is that weird? :)

And then I just felt thankful for the support at home. Subhash, my parents and father in law and even the kids! It all has to just work, if I am able to get out of the house at 5 AM and drive myself 25 KMS to just run!I can't ever say enough on this one.

Lastly always been and will be proud to be part of Cisco - my dream company. I cannot believe I've lived this dream for nearly 10 years already!! I was proud to wear that team shirt today. For sure.

All in all, it was fun, shocking, satisfying and a happy business :)

UPDATE: Cisco won the Champions Trophy for the third year in a row! For maximum medals tally!


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