Monday, November 24, 2014

Three years.

Today, it's been three years since we lost my mother-in-law. We had the day fall on Saturday according to the Indian calendar and did the usual rituals. Some last minute hiccups notwithstanding, it went off passably well.

Slowly, time heals. She becomes more and more of a memory as each day, month and year goes by. The pain and the shock has been numbed down considerably and it is not a reality check so much anymore. I just wish her end didn't have to be so painful for her :(

Yet, we miss her. Last evening we bought the older one a bigger bicycle, a gift from my father-in-law - and couldn't help remembering how my mother-in-law excitedly got him his first one when he was two years old for his birthday. She didn't live much longer after his birthday that year - an event which we can probably never get over, however less painful it gets year after year :(

A snippet from a blog she used to write when she was around, this was after one of those particularly painful hospital episodes. My brother-in-law had flown in from the US after we admitted her in Hyderabad and she was feeling grateful, happy and guilty at the same time. She did really love her sons to bits, my brother-in-law especially, meant everything and more to her, was a very special older son. Though they are very less vocal about it, I know both the brothers miss her quite a lot..


Kaumudi Pawan said...

Very touching...

Ambica Pilli said...

Very much feel a mother's concern for her children..god bless motherhood..

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