Saturday, March 22, 2014


Yesterday I finished 9 years at Cisco! An eternity it feels like. Felt really stupid at having forgot it till someone congratulated on LinkedIn! Was wondering why date seems familiarly close to a milestone just the previous day. And last week I was thinking about how I finish 9 years next week. But yesterday I completely forgot. This was not just another date of joining for me. It was a transformation of my life in many senses. Financially, professionally, geographically and so on and so forth! Can't thank everyone who's made my life richer at the workplace enough! I have met some really cool, smart, nice people here and made some friends for life. Found people whom I can truly respect too! All in all, the past 9 years has been enriching, happy, enjoyable and extremely flexible. Work has adapted in ways like never before to my needs of peaks (married, yet single life in CA) and troughs (maternities). Can't be thankful enough :)

Next week on Monday, we finish 6 years of moving back to India. (Coincidentally also a Monday that year!) Yet again, a happy decision, but this year is extremely special because our ultimate dream of living together as a family with parents and in-laws under one roof with kids has come true! Hardly a day passes by when I don't feel happy for this blessed phase in life! Hope it lasts forever!! :)


Kaumudi Pawan said...

Hope you have more reasons to be happy always..

Anonymous said...

Great and congrats Divya, for everything and I liked the decision to be as a family with kids,parents and in-laws

DivSu said...

Thanks Anon! Thank you Kaumudi!

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