Monday, April 07, 2014

Get Set and Enter!

Yesterday we finished the housewarming of our new home. It was a hectic event with nearly 125 guests! But we had fun every bit of it.

The biggest happiness was the fact that those most near and dear to us in our extended family were all there! Some of our uncles and aunts and cousins in fact traveled all the way from Hyderabad - on road/by train  for ~11 hours, just for the weekend, so they could spend some time with us and celebrate this event. I was most touched. And very, very happy! The best part was that in spite of the muhurat beint at the ungodly 1 AM, they ALL came, and then left for their homes only to come back next morning for the next set of pujas. How awesome is that! I cannot thank them enough! :)

We all missed my mother in law. She saw this place when we closed on buying it, she was very keen that we complete all formalities, albeit on a smaller scale before the Deepavali (of 2011). Sadly, the banks and the loan and the processes took too long, and almost as if she had an intuition, we had to admit her into the hospital on that very Deepavali :(

We also finished Rohit's first birthday celebration - it is shy by 13 days in the English calendar and by 2 days according to the Indian calendar. But didn't want to miss the chance to be able to celebrate with so many people, all under one roof, so that was also done!

It will be sad to move out of this home. It is nearly 5.5 years now since we moved in. It was in many ways a dream home, our very first home together. For our necessities at that time, it was just the right place. Close to two big hospitals - was very critical considering mother-in-law's dialysis visits, just a 3km commute to then Subhash's office, a very convenient commute to mine and so on. But we very soon outgrew the house. And it's now time for a new beginning. It will be with a heavy heart that I wil bid farewell to this home. Both our kids were born here, I don't think that experience can be repeated or replaced!!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Divya for new house !!! Where is it ? In which area ?

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