Saturday, February 08, 2014

8 years!

That's how many we've been married for as of today:) This week in Feb always makes me very weak-in-the-knees for more reasons that just the wedding :)

I am thinking about my mother-in-law all the more today. This is already the third anniversary since she has passed away. I will never forget how she smuggled food to me before the muhurtam so I would not stay hungry. She didn't do that for her own son, too!

This year is also extra special since it marks 10 years since the decision to marry was made. Which also means its been 10 years since I've known my mother and father-in-law and also my brother-in-law and co-sister and then the rest of the first circle of family on the in-laws side a little later. Maybe that's why I remember my mother-in-law so much. I just cannot believe I only knew her for 8 years of her life! It feels like a lot more for sure, with so many experiences to cherish forever. I still vividly remember that first visit to Subhash's place with my mom and sister - how she cut a watermelon for us and how they showed me my to-be co-sister's picture since we were from the same school to ask if I knew her, and how I was scared to bits about their dog! In later years she told me that she knew that very evening that I was not just another of his friends, I was the first girl he ever took home in so many years and so it had to definitely be more! Clearly she knew her son very well - more than I did at that point at any rate :)

It's been a happy journey so far, and I hope it will continue to get better and better. 


Smitha said...

Congratulations and wish you the best in your journey :-)
Really happy to see someone pulling it all together so well. Touch Wood.

DivSu said...

Thank you Smitha! Chaala rozulaindi maattadi!

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