Monday, January 27, 2014


In this day of ready made MTR Rice Sevai - it was most refreshing to see my granny's choma machine (choma is rice sevai in Sankethi)

I enjoyed working this machine to generate lumps of hot and fresh rice sevai early Sunday morning :) Bliss!


annie said...

Completely different topic, have been reading your r2i posts. It would be great if you could write a new one, listing your experiences on how things(home buying, living conditions, work culture, basic necessities, prices, schools etc) have changed and your opinion or advice on r2i plans for those planning in the near future. It was great reading your posts !!

DivSu said...

Annie - thanks so much! Sure, let me try and scribble something. Its been so long since we moved though that I am not sure anymore I can write anything that will do any justice to the topic!

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