Sunday, August 18, 2013

Independence day, Vratham

A long weekend coming to a close. Independence day and Varalakshmi Vratham both on one.

Dad is here now:) A new beginning, one I have been very eagerly awaiting!

We celebrated independence day as a colony for the first time. There was flag hoisting and songs and children holding flags and marching and what not! The younger one's first and he was the youngest in attendance!

 Then was Varalakshmi Vratham, both my parents' birthday according to the Indian calendar. First one without my mother in law, it was her favorite festival. Every year she did this with great gusto, and towards the end, measured her stamina every year by how well she was able to sit through it. The year she died, she wasn't able to and I feel in some sense, she knew inside that it was her last. My mom and I performed it this year, and I think it was this way after very many years!! Felt great:)


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