Wednesday, August 28, 2013

I am tired!!

Of the current Congr'ass' rule. And the fact that I am helping fund it:(

I am tired of the taxes I pay going into various drains in the name of Gandhi family schemes. The rupee has never seen such a free fall before and the only thing these politicians are worried about is Food Security Bill. At the height of making a mockery of democracy, the lady at the top makes a speech, then smartly avoids all backlash by complaining of "cold, fever and uneasiness" and promptly goes and sleeps in an ICU, of course the bill of which is again footed by, yeah, you guessed it, my tax money :(

Every day, I sincerely hope the coming LS polls see all citizens awakening out of their stupor and going to the polling booths to boot out the current regime, of course, provided my tax money is not used to rig the polls :(

Very despondent, this morning.


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