Sunday, July 28, 2013

Semiya, Gongura and more..

My mother in law always made her signature Semiya payasam for every good occasion in the family - birthdays, anniversaries etc., I did not want Subhash and my father in law to feel that gap now that she has gone, so I made some yesterday and also last week while my father in law was still here (he is now visiting in Boston) for his star birthday. Last year we were in the mourning period so making sweets at home was ruled out. I don't know if it turned out as good but at least in small ways like this I try and bring her back. There is a few other things that I learnt from her like Gongura pachadi (I know both my mom's style and hers!!) Nuvvu podi etc which I try and make as closely resembling hers as possible. It's one way of keeping her alive amongst us still. And hopefully minimise the culinary impact for my father in law :)


SS Rama Rao said...

Remembering past happy days with Maa thro' this blog.Thank you

DivSu said...

Thank you Naanna!

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