Thursday, July 19, 2012

The blessings

Yesterday was my mother-in-law's ninth monthly ceremony. Nine already! Anyways, since my father in law is in the US, he wanted to watch it via webcam, we arranged for it and he was able to sit through the whole thing although I did feel bad since it was 3.30 in the morning for him by the time it got done.

Towards the end, we all do the namaskaram  for the pindams. When I finished mine, I noticed he was extending his hand on the web-cam too. How sweet! Normally since he is here, he does it in person.

I don't know if I ever mentioned it earlier on this blog or not, but I strongly feel that whatever good comes upon us is because our parents bless us. Blessings not symbolic ones (when you touch their feet), but those moments when they are truly happy or appreciative for something nice you have done and a "God bless you" goes out from their heart, those moments are what keep you warm and safe in any weather in life. I had many such moments with my mother in law. I hope I can gather a lot more from my parents and father in law :)


Anonymous said...

Complex topic Divya.

Depends on parents and in laws , their attitudes too. How many Indians can boast of parents that don't do the rona -dhona emotional thingy with adult kids. Some parents think kids need to ask permission for all the decisions they take in life. "Why are elders for? We have experience and we can guide"

I do not know if such parents can successfully achieve a close bond with kids. Which DIL wants to stay with such controlling in-laws

..and talking about doing service/being of help for in-laws.I guess we are all human and have some nasty thoughts like "If my parents have to fall sick, would my husband do the son-like service. If he cannot, then why would a D-I-L do the 100% service, etc ....

..and the question is 100% valid.Those thoughts are valid.We stay in a country where our culture tilts a lot in favour of men . They get to bring their ailing parents home , where as girls visit their parents during the final days in hospital/last rites.

Tell me how many women(whether working or not) can bring home and host their parents who are older and need assistance ,irrespective of whether she has a brother or not.

SO is more to do with how you are treated . that is what you get in return.

DivSu said...

@Anonymous - I fully agree. It doesn't have to be parents or in laws. Any person for that matter, when they bless you from the bottom of their heart (sometimes even if they are younger), it only does you good. It is just that I have been lucky that its come from in laws and parents :)

I agree the culture tends to tilt a lot in favour of men and it is not about to change in a hurry either no matter what all the feminists tell you.

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