Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Of sons and their sense of duty

Recently one of my colleagues in SJ had a very sad news to share. She lost her mom. It was around the time that my mother in law also was going through serial hospitalizations - and only then I realized, life can be far more shocking than a gradual disease that kills you slowly.

Her story was moving. Her mom was swimming and had a heart attack and before someone could help, she was gone. She had a brother, R, who was doing his masters in the US at that time and they both rushed back to be by their dad.

Her brother was now in a dilemma. At the verge of graduation, should he take on a job in the US or move back so suddenly to India so he can stay by his Dad? He started looking for opportunities here in India and thanks to one of his friends who was in our extended team, he actually did get in! And he moved to Bangalore. He had come by to meet me during his first week here and I told him that I was very happy to meet him and what he had done was very impressive. I really wish him well and hope he makes great strides here. He has done what very few people would do, especially in this generation.

I always intended to write about this - his move really touched me. I wish my own son would grow to be so amiable and giving, not just towards us, but towards anyone whose happiness lies within his power.

R is now involved in one of the projects I am working on so I get to see his emails often. Which finally reminded me to jot this down. Good luck R, and hope you are happy always!


Anonymous said...

Heartwarming, esp for someone just starting out in life. I totally understand what drew him back. Tiny nitpick - it's not just sons! :)


DivSu said...

@DS - I agree. I knew someone or the other would make a comment on sons/daughters :) All it means that in this case it was a son, that is all ;)

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