Wednesday, February 08, 2012


We got back today after a 4 day trip to Chikmaglur. It was simply divine. Today we finish 6 years of being wedded and we went out to take off for the occasion.

This trip being the first vacation with the kid, since the kid was born, we were of course nervous about food, sickness etc. And I would say that the biggest highlight of the trip was that he not only ate ok at all meals, but we also came back without any major incidents of sickness or anything else to spoil the trip :)

The Resort

We stayed at the Serai and it was a great place. Sufficiently luxurious, great food and very accommodating staff. We had the room with the pool (other choice being jacuzzi) and I think the son thoroughly enjoyed "swimming" - his definition being, sitting on the edge of the pool and splashing water on us. When Subhash asked him if he wanted to take a walk in the pool, he actually said "No Naanna, I want only swimming". He enjoyed his bubble baths too! All that water that probably went into his mouth during both these activities, I was paranoid about him catching some sickness. I guess either he is too grown up now, or the water at Serai was maintained well, which of these, I am not very sure ;) Food was a good mix of Indian, Chinese, Thai and Italian and I love love loved it. The pastry chef is excellent and the souffles and cakes were awesome! We used to eat there, pick what the son was most likely to eat, have it packed, take it back to the room and feed him in the usual style with his DVD/CD on. So each meal was 1.5 to 2 hours long, for all of us together, but we were not sight-seeing at all, so it was OK. Not bad at all for a first vacation for the son!

The Drive

Both ways was without incident. Very impressed by NHAI again! (After the Hyd Bangalore Highway NH7). We were able to do 100-120 on most stretches, the rest where we were able to do 80, they were in the process of making it a 4 lane. We took two breaks on the way there, and it took us ~6 hours. But on the way back, without stops, we were back home in 4.5 hours flat! Amazing roads, I must say, very impressed. Much better than most US highways I have been on. And even better, because the roads are empty.

The Train Ride

We wanted to take the son on the toy train ride in MG park, went all the way there beating odds and times only to find it was closed on Tuesday and doesn't start until after 2.30 today. Since we had to leave by 10 ish, Subhash suggested we just take him on Namma Metro closer home (a brilliant idea). We came home, had a meal and then left to take the Metro from Indiranagar. Again, very impressed. Awesome work. I can see why BMRCL needs so much time to finish each phase. I am sure just the land acquisition would be a pain! We went from Indiranagar to Byappanahalli and then back to Indiranagar, and the son was thrilled. He just did not want to get off the train! I hope the rest of the project goes through fine and we will have all zones (North, South and West) running. Then I guess commuting to my aunt's place on the other side of town will be much less painful! Ditto for my cousin's. Stations seemed clean and well maintained - after a few months of operation - I would say not bad at all. Sad part was - no phase planned towards work-place :( No option but driving for me :(


6 years. Only? :)

As always, thankful for everything in life right now. I hope and pray for everything to stay just this way :)


SK said...

Happy Anniversary! :--)

Neelu said...

Hey Congratulations..
Great to know that you had a nice vacation.

DivSu said...

Thanks SK and Neelu!

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