Monday, February 13, 2012

Hectic week

Right after we were back from Chikmaglur, we traveled to Hyd for my sister's baby shower. It was the son's first time in the train. We had booked Rajdhani, but my, what a horrible train, old and shoddy. I would have much preferred the Kacheguda express if only it ran a little later in the night! Phew! But the son thoroughly enjoyed the train and the auto ride that led to it. He was a darling and didn't fuss at all. But neither he, nor I, got any sleep, thanks to the berth being too narrow for both of us.

Sister's shower went off very well. Her in laws took care of every detail so painstakingly, it was heartening to see she was in such good hands. We took the usual sweets, fruits etc and I was glad I was able to be with her on that day. One moment our eyes met in the middle of all the ceremonies and tears swelled in my eyes. I don't know when we grew so old! She is going to have a kid! We were just kids hanging out at home and chilling not so very long ago! The son, as usual, gave up on food and sleep and got very cranky by the evening and I felt so sorry for him. Today we got back and were so fatigued from the journey that we took off, son included. Hopefully routine will set back in soon.

Subhash was his usual very nice self and took care of all the shopping, clothes, sweets etc. Boy, am I glad I have him for a spouse :) He takes on initiative when he doesn't really have to and never complains. Couldn't get any better! I hope I can do him a good turn in return. I think in our marriage, I am quite happy that he has never had to choose between being a good son, a good father, a good brother and a good husband. In whatever little ways I could, I enabled him to be all of them at the same time. And he has done the same for me too! I never have to choose between being a good daughter, a good mom, a good wife and a good sister! Hopefully we will continue doing the same for many more years to come :)


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Random thots said...

Congratulations Lavanya.Happy for you

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sweet. You guys never fight ???

DivSu said...

@Random Thots - Thanks!
@Anonymous2 - Why did you ask? :)

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