Monday, November 14, 2011

One year!

Today the son finished one year of going to the daycare! Somehow always, these milestones make it look like time flies but this one took me by surprise. I was like "Has it just been a year?! Feels a lot longer!".

That is 52 weeks of staying away from mom for a few hours everyday. In this 52 weeks, we saw a few weeks of sickness, maybe 6-8. Not bad, I'd say :)

Coincidentally, it also means I finish 1 year in my new team and I have fallen in love with my job all over again, thanks to a few folks who make it feel worth the while to work hard and do a good job, one thing I sorely missed in the old team.


Anonymous said...

Ohh on children's day . nice . How did school celebrate

Anonymous said...

Things back to normal ? how is MIL now? and the boy

DivSu said...

@Anonymous1- They had a small celebration.
@Anonymous - Kid and husband back to normal, MIL back home but not fully recovered yet.

Sri said...

Wow..great! I am planning on putting my daughter in a daycare from December..any tips on surviving the initial days..pls advise!

DivSu said...

@Sri - I don't think much can be done to avoid the initial discomfort altogether, just be brave and be prepared for sickness and tantrums that is all ;)

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