Monday, October 17, 2011

A full week!

Last week was very "full". Of experiences and memories. I met a couple of people very dear to me!

One was my director when I was in SJ. He is an awesome guy and built a really awesome team too! When I was moving to India, I used to sit in his office for half an hour everyday and crib about how much I will miss being in the team and he always used to listen patiently and eagerly. A great listener, we always found a ready friend in him :) He was here on business travel and thanks to the fact that he was in the same campus and staying close to our place, I was able to catch up with him a bunch of times both at and outside of work while he was here and it felt really nice! I was meeting him after nearly four years (since I moved).

Then later in the week, one of my very dear friends, S, stopped on her way from Hyd to Chennai in Bangalore for a few hours to catch up with me. As always, very sweet of her, she did not really need to do it. We have been friends for 16 years now and she is one of my friends I really admire and adore. Yeah, we don't speak as often anymore and catch up only once in a couple of months, but somehow this never eroded that bond:) I took her out to lunch (which I believe she loved) and then some shopping and then it was back to the cab and on the way to the airport for her. She was last here for the housewarming of our home (lucky coincidence) and again, nearly 3 years since I saw her. So all the more special :)


Anonymous said...

You are a lucky girl ! good friends are hard to find.What's the key to ever lasting friendships?

DivSu said...

I don't really know the answer to that ;)

Anonymous said...

Personally I have found Indian managers very petty and they feel threatened by engineers who can anyday take their seat.Hardly found anyone whom I could emulate.

DivSu said...

@Anonymous - Sorry to hear that. But I am an "Indian Manager" myself and definitely hope my engineers are not thinking the same of me :)

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