Monday, October 03, 2011


Less than a week after his second birthday where I was wishing this year should have less sickness, I got that dreaded call from the daycare. He had discharge from his eyes, they suspected conjunctivitis and they wanted me to take him home. He did have a lot of discharge in the morning when he woke up but I didn't suspect anything serious. So I went, dropped him and picked him back and came home, all within an hour :( We took him to the pediatrician in our colony and she gave him some drops.

Sickness comes in all varieties I should say, but every time there is something, I feel like I have lost a lot of my own energy :(


Sri said...

Ohh..hope he recovers soon!

How do u manage when he falls sick esp when u dont have parents/inlaws to help u? It must be very difficult to get leave from office too na..

DivSu said...

Him falling sick means me not going to work automatically :) I WFH when I can, else I take off. In laws are here, but they cannot handle him by themselves, either me or Subhash need to be around :)

Sri said...

Hmm..atleast u have ur inlaws for some MIL who stays in the same city will not care if me or my daughter are not well..i want to get back to some work soon but dont know how i will manage in case my daughter falls sick..

DivSu said...

@Sri - Yeah, if they stay that is good, but if they don't too that is Ok since I strongly feel ony Subhash and I are responsible for and obliged to care for this baby since he is ours and ours only :) When you adopt that attitude, you feel less irritable with conditions external.

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