Monday, August 29, 2011

One hour

I thought I saw the worst traffic in my life on 880 (237 E to Dixon Landing moving towards Fremont) at rush hour. Today came very, very close to that nightmare.

Left campus at 4.40 PM and reached the other end of the Kadubeesanahalli junction at 5.50 PM! This stretch is 400 mts! Effectively it is just like crossing the road (earlier there was a signal where I could just go straight, but because of construction I have to turn left, go further, take a U-turn and come back to the same spot where I started on the opposite side. And this took 70 minutes!!!

Outer ring road was bad last week in the morning when I landed there by mistake instead of sticking to my shortcut from behind the airport. It took me 40 mins from Marathalli to Kadubeesanahalli (<5KM). And I thought that was bad!

Also, today, there was a couple of places where the median sort of broke down and I could have turned but I did not. To go 200 mts and come back to the same point took a painstaking 53 minutes! And I was stuck at the official U-turn, just 3 cars behind, purely because of senselessly created human deadlocks for a whole half an hour. Just 3 cars away!! Can you imagine how much I cursed myself for not chucking the rules out the window and just taking a U-turn where I could?!Thankfully the son got very cranky only in the last few minutes and I was able to do damage control by giving him my phone with some videos playing.

To compensate for the one hour delay in reaching home though, today Subhash was at home to welcome us, he took care of giving the son his milk while I changed and started cooking so that effectively, I was just 5 minutes behind schedule for the son's dinner! AND he ate so fast today that I wish I was stuck in jams like this every day as long as they promise to ensure son's dinner is done so fast as compensation!! ;)


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