Monday, August 08, 2011

Movies and more

OK, one last try at this. Last time I wrote a post and it published a blank one, I had not copied the matter and it was lost forever. I re-wrote a second time and (duh! still didn't copy) and it again published a blank post. Frustrated, I gave up!

So we got this DVR (TataSky) around 8 weeks ago and I am thoroughly enjoying it. I recorded all the movies I wanted to watch but couldn't in the last 3 years and its been great catching up with Bollywood. I am a movie buff, at one point in my life I was watching 30 movies a month and feeling very happy about it ;) (this was when I was 12!)  I usually schedule recording online and catch up with the movies much later whenever I have an hour or two to spare from work/home chores/baby etc. Usually when I have my dinner after the son sleeps before my share of work calls start at night. 

I watched Action Replayyy recently and needless to say it was a stupid movie. But I finished it nevertheless and the one thing that kept me going is the curiosity of how it would be if the son were to travel back in time when he was older and meet me when I was about his current age. I think it would be exciting especially if I knew he was my son ;) To meet as contemporaries bringing down the barrier of a generation is mind-blowing as a mere idea :) Whenever the son meets Aishwarya in the movie, I invariably thought how it might be if me and the son met. I was not so excited about the son meeting his dad though ;) Its meeting the mom part that made me curious and the piece I thought was most interesting. 

Anyways, lots more movies to catch up on..


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