Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Celeb spotting

So I was at the salon and I saw this person walk in. She had short hair and said she wanted it trimmed since she had a family function to attend tomorrow. In the course of the conversation, she asked how come the place is rather empty to which my hair stylist said it is because it is a holiday. She said, "ohh my I forgot, we are working today, see". Then I figured that she might be some big exec in one of the nearby companies since it looked like she hopped in from work and was going to hop back (no hand bags etc). I did see her before and then I started wondering. Leela has Huawei in its premises, but I was not sure if she was from Huawei, then I kept thinking, Titan, Britannia..and suddenly when she was leaving it struck me. Of course, this was her! I then remembered seeing a very small thumbnail of hers in one of Cisco's Women's network thingies that they do, where she was a guest speaker on career and women or some such topic. So when Arlene came back, I asked, that person, she works for Britannia, right? She said yeah, she is GM, I added yeah, she is MD and CEO. Vinita something right? And she said, yeah, Vinita Bali!

It took my breath away, my realization. This CEO was sitting right next to me for a full half an hour and I was a dud enough to not realize this earlier ;)

One more addition to my celeb spotting (other famous ones include our very own Wim Elfrink, Vivek Oberoi's grand-mother-in-law etc).


Kiran said...

Wow Divya..out of curiosity, which salon do you go to, I also want to bump in atleast one :)

DivSu said...

;) I go to the M&W one in Leela.

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