Tuesday, December 07, 2010

BYJU - The serial CAT Topper

I was reading a news paper ad about BYJU - The serial CAT topper. I figured without much ado, as to what a CAT topper meant, but I didn't know how you could ever be a serial CAT topper unless you were stupid enough to give the CAT exam year after year in spite of topping it one year.

Then I took the pains to read through the whole ad. BYJU was just the owner (or so I presume) of the institute called BYJU coaching. And this institute has supposedly rolled out CAT toppers year after year (serially!).

Wonder I never heard of this before ;) Have you?


Anonymous said...

i chanced upon your blog when i googled serial cat topper! and the name that auto pops up is "Serial CAT topper BYJU". it turns out that serial cat topper means "SERIAL CAT TOPPER"- topping this exam again and again!!! a friend of mine who got into IIMB last year told me to check out his workshops. i saw some article about this in education times, and MAN!!! this guy is awesome..He did not join the IIMs after getting thru bcoz of his passion to teach! i have planned to join the batch in july and am keeping my fingers crossed to make it to the IIMs...@Vinit

DivSu said...

@Anonymous - Really? He does top year after year? I am amazed!!

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