Tuesday, December 07, 2010


For the first time in my 4+ years of XBOX ownership, I played on it for the first time for three successive days for at least an interval of 30 mins :) (I think that makes Subhash very happy since he always felt vaguely sad that I never play on the XBOX). Thanks to Kinect. And more importantly thanks to the Fitness game in it.

It is an awesome device and leaves me much in awe of how much humans have achieved with technology. Much like we get numbed to everything else, we get used to all the wonderful gadgets that help us get by life easily, till the next wondrous thing comes along. And that next thing is Kinect for me for sure.

The fitness game not only scans you as you exercise but also counts your calories based on how much you move (no cheating here by running the treadmill while standing next to it ;) ).

There are other games that we have but I am only using the Fitness game for now. It has surely made my work-outs at home a lot more interesting and interactive. It is like having a home gym with a personal trainer. What else can you ask for, eh?


Kaumudi said...

Kinect has a chip by Marvell on which Pawan worked :) so he is really happy about it and now that you have good things to say about it, I am sure he will be doubly pleased

DivSu said...

@Kaum - Yes, he should be pleased ;)

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