Friday, November 19, 2010

A week up!

A very nervous weekend is already one week old! This week both the son and me started out on new ventures. He @ Cisco's daycare and I with a new team. Already we are one week into it. I think he has adapted ok. Of course there is always the guilt that Subhash and I have somewhere hidden that we are sending a 13 month old away to be cared for by someone else. But I know this will be better for him in the long run, better at least than sitting at home with just one adult to look and interact with.

And as for me, after nearly 6 years I am going through the first-week-at-work phase. Place is new, mechanics are new, tasks are new, parlance is new, lots of things to get familiar with and lots of things to ramp up on. When I moved to India, I continued doing the same work without a break so except for the location, nothing else was really new. Of course people were new but then there were familiar names too. This time around it is like a new job altogether. It is exciting but also intimidating. I am hoping I have not lost the knack for a steep ramp up yet :)

Went out with the old team for lunch today. It was good fun and most people managed to make it :) Will miss this team.


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