Saturday, November 13, 2010

Adium, duh!

So I am changing teams at work and was doing a routine cleanup of things (I remember my ex-boss did this when he moved and I was trying to emulate his efficiency). So I cleaned up all my mailing lists, and also my internal chat client.

What I came to know yesterday, quite shocked me. Apparently the stupid Adium client for MAC, sends out a notification to everyone in my list saying on my request they have been removed from my lists. I mean, how stupid. Now I am sure a lot of people hate me in my old team. I am not so sure I'd like to be told by my chat client, no matter what reason it is, that someone has removed me from their list. Heck! I used to feel bad when people closed their chat windows in the middle of a conversation with me (yeah, that was another stupid notification, but at least that was optional and you could turn it off).

Now I have to research Adium preferences to see if this is also some tweakable feature somewhere.

Stupid, stupid, Adium!!


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