Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Thoughts past to present

This weekend was good. I caught up with a few friends from my pre-university days. I was just thinking, we became friends when we were 15 and now we have all crossed our 30 marks, which means we have been friends for 15 years!! That sounded like a solidly large number of years! Made me surprised and feel old at the same time. When I spoke with one of them late Sunday evening, I realized how very few people are left with whom I take the liberty of joking with :) Maybe I am old or maybe I have turned too careful in speech, I don't know which it is ;)

Finally the daycare @Cisco is seeing the light of the day and the son even managed to get in!! Yesterday we had an orientation so for the first time I drove the son alone, just me and him, to work. I was listening to songs on my iPod and was singing along too, and I think the son found it rather amusing. He kept turning his head away from all the pretty sights at the window to see what was wrong with me whenever I began to croon ;) I was thinking about the time when I used to sing and croon to these very same songs alone on my way to and from work. How life has changed! So many things could have gone wrong, but someone above safely saw me through all those phases of life till this day. I felt truly overwhelmed and thankful :)


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