Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Info overload?

Subhash sent me some newsletter he has subscribed to about the baby's week-on-week development. There was some nice stuff in it (he subscribed, not me, see that?)

As usual, it gave me the jitters. For whatever reason, I am very nervous to read these things. When you know that these 100 things should happen this week, it is easy to get upset when one of them doesn't. At least that is my temperament. So I avoid these self-help books like the plague.

When I was expecting, a lot of friends suggested we buy the bible "What to expect when you are expecting". I somehow shied away from it. Then we asked Dr. Kini if we should get it. He said he'd take us along the path and so there was no need for the book. That day I was sure he was the doc for me ;) And, of course, I never bought that book.

To date, I stick to the philosophy of listening to the doc and the doc alone. Any questions I have, I call the son's pediatrician. And no one else. No internet. No books. I don't even browse out of curiosity. Because you never know what information you get back. Too much information makes me nervous. What to believe, what not to believe. What to execute, what not to execute. So I keep it simple. Call the doc. Ask him. Do what he says. Trust him. To suggest the right thing. I did my research (very little of it) while looking for a doc. Not after :)


Vani said...

someone in day care asked me what language my baby understood bcox he doesnt respond much. i was lil worried abt that but begun to realise that each baby is diff .. and also we r a multi liongual fnly so language would be confusing for him. so no worries.. i guess we just shld enjoiy thse days .yes the websites say lot of things,i dnt think even a 1 yr 2 mnth old can do many things

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