Thursday, August 19, 2010


Today, it is five years since Subhash and I got engaged in a formal ceremony. I remember that trip as if it was yesterday. I had just joined Cisco back then, a few months into, and I didn't have enough vacation to go to India. Subhash's brother was getting married and I knew his parents would be happy if I'd be around too. Plus I wanted my parents to visit me in California, so I thought, I'd go on a quick one week trip and bring my parents back with me. I took a PTO loan (which my manager graciously approved) for one week (couldn't afford more, I'd have to visit again within 6 months for our own wedding) and off I came.

After I had bought my tickets, Subhash's parents said, well, if you are going to come anyways, let's get you guys engaged as well. So, there, I was going to have a formal engagement ceremony, something I never planned or accounted for :)

And what a week it was! Shopping, packing, sorting stuff, collecting tickets, checking visas etc etc etc. We finished my parents preparation in marathon time. My aunts and uncles and cousins came up to Hyd from Bangalore to attend the engagement (again, something on this scale, I never expected!) and so the morning of his brother's wedding was spent in receiving them at the station and then rushing to the hall, not bothering how I was looking or how I was dressed. Attended his brother's wedding and rushed out as soon as I could excuse myself, since I had some 100 other tasks to finish. The same saga continued through the next day and as a result I went to my engagement looking drained and dirty. How I draped the saree, how the hair was looking, god knows. I just finished some marathon driving around the city Kukatpally-Secunderabad-Kukatpally-RK Puram and so was in no shape to think about appearances. A couple of our JNTU friends could also actually visit us. And there is one picture we took with them, in which I actually can see the dirt on my face from all that driving ;) ;)

But finally it was done. We were blessed by all and got engaged in a ceremony that was so formal, that I still cannot believe it all happened :) Ohh, of course, I got a nice engagement ring too ;)

Five years, already!


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