Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Card Tower

One of those rare off days today, thanks to Raksha Bandhan. And all the more pleasant since I had no inkling of an approaching holiday till yesterday morning, when sitting in one of those meetings, I was enlightened by my peers about it.

The son usually loves to bulldoze through the blocks tower I make for him. He patiently waits till I am done with it and then goes and gives it a fistful, scattering all the blocks around. He rather enjoys that kind of sport. Boys, I tell you. Will be boys.

So I thought today, given I had the time and leisure, why not make a card structure for him like I used to when I was young. We used to take my Dad's business cards and make a tower out of it. My dad taught us how to do it. The more houses on the base we went, the more triumphant we felt.

So today, I did this for the son. Initially it was impossible. I was only able to get ONE pair of cards standing and the minute I put one next to it, all four cards would collapse. I thought, although it's been a while, I couldn't have become so rusty. So then I figured it was probably the slippery floor and tried it on the sofa. Modestly going for four "houses" in the base. Voila! I did it!

And the son happily obliged too!


alaskan malamute 101 said...

Its really fun to do that one. And in speaking to making boy as real boys, I think it is merely true. Why do I say so? Its the psychology of boys that they want some assembling of objects which futurly tells us that it is a fact that the most number of who undergo in construction are boys. Other thing is a boy will be merely sure to be real boy by because of the tight relationship and bonding he has with his father. So fathers out there.. Make your baby boy a real boy.

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