Saturday, July 17, 2010

Dr Kini - Sequel

I wrote this post on Dr. Prakash Kini a while ago.

So it was annual health check up time yesterday. I went through height, weight, ECG, etc in Campus and then they drove us to Diamond District for further tests in NM.

I was going through the Sonogram for all organs (liver, stomach, uterus etc) when the doc there asked me if I had a normal delivery. I said I had a C-Sec. She had a minor shock, took her eyes off the monitor and looked back at me, searching for the stitches. When she found them she was even more shocked. She said, this thing has healed so perfectly. I couldn't make out from your Ultrasound that you had sutures anywhere. And on the outside I am even more surprised. It is so perfectly healed, that I couldn't even find the stitches. Whoever did this C-Sec for you did a wonderful job. And then she proceeded for the next 5 minutes to wonder at this again and again, how perfectly it healed, how invisible it has all become and so on and so forth. So I told her this was Dr. Kini's job and she said I have heard of him, elderly doc, na? I said yes. She said she never met him though and asked where he worked. I told her she could find him at the Cradle. I then told her how he made me climb four flights of stairs, three hours after the operation and continued the regimen the rest of the time I was in there and she said that it is the right thing to do. (It sure felt like hell at that time, whether it was right or not!) Later, as if in after-thought, she said, of course a lot depends on you as well. I said, great, thank you! ;)

And I came out happy and feeling thankful to Sa/Sm, who referred me to this wonderful doc and the great hospital.


Anonymous said...

congrats to the perfect healing..

Deepu said...

lucky you!

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