Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Aaku Kaavala..

This is one of the songs my son watches regularly. Lyrics roughly translated.

Aaku kavala, poovu kavala (Do you want the leaf or the flower?)
Poovu kavali (I want the flower)
Poovu kavala, pandu kavala (Do you want the flower or the fruit?)
Pandu kavali (I want the fruit)
Pandu kavala, laddu kavala (Do you want the fruit or the laddu?)
Laddu kavali (I want the laddu)
Laddu kavala, amma kavala (Do you want the laddu or your mom?)
Amma kavali, naku amme kavali (I want my mom, I only want my mom)

You get the drift. Kid picks bigger and better things ;)

Now that is what my son listens to. But this is what he follows as a principle in practice:

Amma kavala, amma cheppu kavala (Do you want your mom or her slipper?)
Amma cheppu kavali (I want her slipper)
Amma cheppu kavala, amma phone kavala (Do you want her slipper or her phone?)
Amma phone kavali (I want her phone)
Amma phone kavala, amma laptop wire kavala (Do you want her phone or her laptop power cord?)
Amma laptop wire kavali (I want her laptop power cord)
Amma laptop wire kavala, amma laptop kavala (Do you want the power cord or the laptop?)
Amma laptop kavali, naku amma laptop ae kavali (I want my mom's laptop, I only want my mom's laptop)

You get the drift. It is a miracle my laptop has survived so far!

Often times, he is faced with a choice. He looks at me, looks at my slippers. And without a hint of hesitation, goes straight for the slippers. That is my son. Practical. He knows mom is anyways going to hang around. Why not chase other things, eh?


Anonymous said...

enjoi watching chappal eating :-) v nicely written ..vani

DivSu said...

@Vani - Thank you!

Random thots said...

lol.maa vadu inka cheppula stand daggaraki pakaledu.Veediki amma laptop kavali tintaniki

ChoxBox said...

Hi. Hopped over from Suj.

This post brought a big smile - thats exactly what my now ten year old used to do aeons ago. And somehow it sounds very cute in Telugu!

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