Thursday, July 01, 2010

Advice is free!

Unfortunately one of the only things in life that you get absolutely free.

Me: Jogging..
Fellow jogger (now walking): KFK#KWK#K@
Me: (Stop, remove headphones and ask): Sorry, what?
Fellow jogger: You should breathe through your nose. Not your mouth. I know that you should breathe through your nose.
Me: (Smile politely) : Ohh, ok.
(Turn and roll eyes)

If I was younger, I wouldn't have rolled my eyes. But you see. I am 30. And I am being attacked by the intolerance that comes with age (?!?! Really?!).

Why is it that this guy, whom I have started seeing in the colony just for the past couple days (and I have been working out on the colony streets for the past one year, ever since I gave the gym a pass in the 6th month of pregnancy), thinks he can give me advice? This guy was actually walking on the first day, in sandals, probably saw me running and started running yesterday (still in sandals). He wore shoes today finally and that suddenly made him feel like doling out advice on working out to perfect strangers.

Gosh! I think I have a face that attracts advice.


Anonymous said...

BTW you can totally breathe through your mouth, that gets you more air than nose! Haha, couldn't resist. I would probably have punched him in the face, I am way too intolerant for my own good.

Anonymous said...

well tell him that sandals are not to be used...I guess he is just trying too hard to impress.. such a waste fellow... blood boils..vani

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