Thursday, March 04, 2010

Six worded life!

Saw this on Shilpa's blog and like it. Was thinking of what the essence of my life and my philosophy towards life is. And undoubtedly it should be

Living my life with minimal regrets.

Really, I hate regretting. Though I do a decent amount of stuff that I regret immediately, I hate the feeling they call regret so much that whenever I am in a soup, I try to turn things around as best as I can. I think this has done me plenty of good all my life :) And luckily with the limited vision of the future that we are usually presented with, I have not made any life-atlering decision which I've regretted later :)


shilpadesh said...

Good one. Says a lot in a few words, doesn't it?

DivSu said...

Yes, it is amazing how sometimes so few words say so much!

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