Thursday, March 25, 2010


OK, I know this is a beaten to death topic, so I decided no harm in beating it once more.

Prelogue: I was never a forwards person. Even in the nascence of my internet familiarity, I hated forwarding. All forwards were read and promptly deleted.

This morning I got an email. About some official announcement. OK, I thought. Actually I knew it about last week itself, thanks to one more email. I made a note of then and moved on.

Now the guy who forwarded the mail last week, again re-sent this alias email I got this morning. Again! It was exactly the same line he sent last week too. I thought, well, OK, one new email no harm, deleted. Till I got some 4 more emails which were essentially people forwarding the original announcement email to different aliases as they thought fit.

I say, if I got it why should I be bombarded with the same information 10 times? If you got it and if I got it then obviously the rest of the team also got it so what is the sense in forwarding to different sub-aliases saying, "in case you haven't seen it", "in case you missed it", "FYI" etc?

Either you think I don't read my email well or I can't get it unless I am told 10 times.

If I am the former, then chances that I will read your email are minuscule. If I am the latter well, maybe I don't deserve to get it.

Either ways, just because we are in the business of making internet faster, it doesn't mean we test our own muscle from time to time by repeatedly forwarding emails I think.


PS: I wish I could induce more humour in this post like KrishAshok does, but I confess I have not the talent!


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