Friday, December 11, 2009

Telangana and more

January 11 it is! My maternity leave ends in one month and I've worked it out with my manager to work from home till end of January. This will be a warm up for the "going back to work" routine. Of course it means I will be working sans any reports since having a team of my own will make it mandatory to go to work regularly. I am hoping I will be able to manage the kid and work alone at home on my own. Really hoping..

There were a few comments on my previous post and then a cousin had status messages on Facebook which brought in a lot of useful perspective. When you think of the whole thing, it is such a joke. I'd rather let a person like KCR fast and go whichever way than give him any weight, but then here we are. The great big joke. I am bad at political satire, actually, bad at any satire, else this is a land mine opportunity to display some satirical talent.

Some random thoughts that come to my mind

1) When we start dividing, where do we stop. As ample proof to my initial fears, we now have "demands" for Vidarbha, Gorkhaland, Harit Pradesh, and all that good stuff.

2) This whole drama is for Hyd. It is very obvious. Hyd as union territory or Hyd as capital of Telangana is not acceptable to so many vested political rowdies since they have so many investments in Hyd and this is going to risk it all.

3) Hyd is a cosmo. We used to have a CNaRe poem in school "Idi Hyderabadu, idi Hyderabadu, idi bhinna samskrutulu yedigi poochina padu". (This is Hyderabad, this is Hyderabad, this is where so many cultures have grown and flourished). So Hyd is nobody's baap ka maal. So nobody, even in Telangana, can claim exclusivity to it.

4) The great (as per Teja TV only) Jagan (YSR's son) is stone silent. One of the perspectives that came on my cousin's status got me thinking. Yeah, all senior leaders who opposed Jagan's CM giri are from Telangana region. Yeah, he has a strong hold in non-Telangana areas. So after YSR, why not push KCR to ask for Telangana so you can become CM, if not AP's, then a part of AP? Surely, there is money to be made elsewhere too?

5) This whole drama is being televised non-stop on TV. The biggest and dirtiest I have seen so far is lawyers actually physically hitting each other saying "you are in our Telangana" and "you cannot claim exclusivity on Telangana". Ohh god! The dirtiest side of human beings out on display.

6) People remarked about Osmania students being exploited. Who ever said OU students are gullible. There are two types of OU students. Those that participate in the political OU and those that do not. And the ones torching buses are the union and political type. They are one of the worst kinds. OU has radical student unions and in general a lot of rowdy crowd. Back when we used to live in Tarnaka, I remember how they used to take over the entire "Aradhana" theatre for a movie, causing great inconvenience to the public. And a lot of other such nuisance in general. I always used to hate the student union radicalization in OU (which is probably the strongest reason I went to JNTU instead). Bad taste.

This whole bull s*$t (first use of profanity on this blog?) will fizzle out if you ask me. No one wants to give up Hyd. No one wants Telangana minus Hyd (really, what is the point?). So in the fight over Hyd, we will hopefully get to keep Andhra Pradesh.

And on a closing note, if you ask me, anyone who torches public property deserves to be torched in return. Death!! to all who set fire to even one inch of public space. I am paying taxes for it and it is nobody's business messing with my property.

PS: And what is with KCR coming out of a 11 day fast all clean shaven and with inventive colours (white beard and black hair, all perfectly styled). Was he even fasting?? He was discharged overnight and he has energy to attend press conferences the very next day.


shilpa said...

You know, a lot of NRIs are funding this separation 'cause'. THey have investments in Hyderabad and the demand has fallen as is expected, so they want to create his artificial demand by creating panic. This is so sad. I am pretty sure this will create a situation where Andhraites will be tortured in Telangana and vice versa and people of Hyderabad will be in a state of panic all the time.

Kumar said...

I think you might have unknowingly fanning the flames when u say
"So Hyd is nobody's baap ka maal. So nobody, even in Telangana, can claim exclusivity to it.
First of all,what if Hyderabad is part of Telangana...that doesn't change anything for all the Hyderabadis? Why are ppl frm Andhra / Rayalseema worried?
Telangana would still be part of India and last I heard, any Indian is free to live anywhere in India.
I beg to differ with u when u say "So nobody, even in Telangana, can claim exclusivity to it."
Yes, Hyderabad is Telanganites Baap Ka Maal.It has been for the past 400 yrs.They have the right to the city if a separate state is carved out of it.Ppl from Andhra/ Rayalseema migrated and settled in Hyderabad and they can still continue to do that, just don't dictate it cannot be part of Telangana.

Kumar said...

oh btw..from your posts , seems like you are a backer of C.B.Naidu.
I never see you questioning any of Naidu's decisions while you are quick to point out Jagan even when he is silent (like the case of Telangana).Naidu went into the last elections announcing his support for a separate Telangana state.He is the most shameless , traitor politician in India.After announcing his support all along (thinking it might not happen),he is now questioning the formation of Telangana.Atleast BJP needs to be commended on this issue on taking a stand and sticking to it.

DivSu said...

@Shilpa - I didn't know this angle. It does seem a little far-fetched.

@Kumar - My point on "baap ka maal" refers to Telangana people (actually, the so called leaders representing Telangana people) claiming that "settlers" should move out of Hyd.

As for CB Naidu, yes it is shameful that he isn't taking any firm stand on this issue and his whole third front stunt during last elections itself left me a little disillusioned. Still I think of all the crop we have right now, he is the better of the lot.

Anonymous said...

I second kumar here... Hyd is indeed every telanganites baap ka maal. Those who differ can please go back... I wonder how they can claim hyd in their right senses!!! And giving a UT status would be such a shame to all... And regd cbn, wow what a volte face!!! In less than 24 hrs. And you keep supporting that guy!!
But what worries me is making kcr the father of telangana. On the other hand I'm rather impressed by his son..looks like a reasonable fella.

DivSu said...

@Anonymous - I wish you'd leave a name. Please read my explanation on Hyd and it being anybody's baap ka maal in comments above.

Kumar said...

@Kumar - My point on "baap ka maal" refers to Telangana people (actually, the so called leaders representing Telangana people) claiming that "settlers" should move out of Hyd.

KCR & TRS made those ridiculous statements in the past, and he realised that those irresponsible statements didn't do any good to the bigger cause.He was just playing to the galleries to stir up emotions during the initial days of the movement.
Folks from telangana in general are warm hearted and their only wish is to see a separate state and wouldn't be hostile to any one from andhra/ rayalseema.
Again , all this anti andhra talk
is false propaganda just to stop the creation of the state
As for CBN been the best of the crop...ROFL..guess everyone is entitled to their opinion even if they choose to be blindsided.Glad majority of the state does not think the same.

hima said...

hey divya...good to read ur blog. my 2 cents...let telengana be its own state with Hyd as capital. i don't think ppl from telengana are gonna start discriminating against ppl from andhra or rayalaseema. this problem has been there for too long...and from the looks of it, ppl seem to welcome it atleast in telengana...might as well accept the fact and learn to live with it. of course this is going to give legitimacy and the impetus to many more u mention...i dont see anything wrong with that. i'd rather india be 50 states at peace with each other than 25 with 10 demanding secession! we got bigger fish to fry. KCR will benefit in the short term, but if ppl are sensible, this might be a good opportunity to redeem the 8 or so districts in telengana out of poverty and naxalism

DivSu said...

@Kumar - You are bordering on being personal and rude which I do not appreciate. There is absolutely no need for rolling on the floor doing anything if you think everyone is entitled to their opinion. And I do not think anybody can deny that Hyd is so "desirable" today because of what CBN did to it in the late 90s. If you do, then you are the one being blindsided.

@All - One common thing I am hearing is, lets have more states because we will see more development. I just don't get how having a different state will help any better. Will politicians miraculously start working for the common man? That is such a joke. And when we have 50 states (heaven forbid that we should!), we will start asking for 100. Where do we stop?? What guarantees that we won't??

Anonymous said...

Divya...Agree with you in each and every word...To all the other folks, do u think this Telangana movement would have happened if Hyd was not in the region. Just because Hyderabad happened to become successful in that land, they are claiming this movement. Hyderabad has been a successful product of the hard work of people from all over Andhra Pradesh. Its like saying intially, "Do I need to take care for this plant" and when the plant becomes mature and bear fruits, people start saying "This tree is in my field and I'm the owner"..What about all the people who have taken care of it all this time? Why can't everyone live together and enjoy fruits together? Splitting is never a solution. We are going back to times when individual provinces are ruled and as a result weaker in strength. Instead, why can't everyone treat every other person as a friend and live together. Why so much individuality? Why don't we think of more constructive things like eradicating poverty, providing support and education to orphaned kids, making health care more accessible to poor people, raising standard of living for everyone...This will make any state "richer" and our country more "powerful"....As always, united we stand and divided we fall!

Madhu said...

I might be naive for this comparison, but we can see that nuclear families have been more efficient in comparison to joint families. In this day and age, small is beautiful... Don't u think so? Both may have their pros and cons but everything comes down to money in the form of funds, which were earlier directed towards the other regions mostly, this way atleast we might get a better deal which might, atleast a small portion of it would be put towards the betterment, which clearly was not the case earlier. Also Fyi if there was no liberalisation CBN would b no where. And hyd has always been desirable, even bfore cbn let those mnc's put up their sweat shops for dirt cheAp.

Kumar said...

I didn't mean to be rude and don't think I was.I was just trying to make a point on how u say something and believe in something else.
For e.g,You mentioned about how much u hate those who destruct the public property and what they deserve.
FYI, when one of TDP leader was murdered 4 yrs ago, 80, yes u read that right 80 RTC buses were torched and the best of the breed CBN tried to justify it saying it was a spur of the emotion.
Would luv to here you reason with him again ...

Telangana movement did not begin with the prosperity of hyd and nor is it just to stake a claim on hyd.
If I were to put a different spin on what you said, Majority of ppl from Andhra/Rayalseema wouldn't give a Rats ass about "Samaikya Andhra" (United Andhra) as they are preaching now, if we just say let Hyd be a common capital.
As for other constructive things you suggest, Yes they can be doable, and should be done, but how does creating another state that is deprived of the progress hinder those constructive things ??
How does robbing Peter to pay Paul justified in the name of staying united?
And inclusive development has been promised for the past 50 yrs , but those promises remained as promises.
PPl from Telangana feel deprived & robbed of their own resources and jobs and just want something to be done about it, just as we wanted a separate state from Madras half a century ago.

DivSu said...

@Kumar - I dont know why you think I said CBN was perfect. He has his share of nonsense. All that I am saying is given the choice of politicians we have, he is the better of the lot that is all. He got desperate for power this time around and made a lot of political faux pas.

As for the buses being torched, again, you are completely wrong. Whether it is TDP or Congress or any other guys, anybody who torches buses deserves to be torched. I maintain my stand, there is no bias there. I don't know where in my blog you felt that because its TDP I'd say that its OK for them to torch buses. I have no such strong TDP favouritism.

Also, sorry if I am mistaken, but so far I have not heard even a single politician (lobbying for Telangana) give any agenda on what he/she wants to do for the state, all I hear is we want to govern our own Telangana. I wouldn't be very mistaken, if after 2 years of forming Telangana, it would be still as backward and more at the receiving end of Naxal menace than it is now.

Kumar said...

I didn't say you were partial to TDP, I am only challenging you when you say CBN is the best of the lot.On the contrary, he should be ranked on the bottom , right after KCR.(Again , plz don't think I am been rude.Actually I appreciate you not censoring the comments you disagree on :)..well, its blog, you can choose to do that :)

And I am not denying KCR & other politicians are going to transform Telangana into a Dubai(someone just claimed this few days ago) overnight or in a couple of yrs.Atleast a new state will stop the flow of funds from Telangana to Andhra.Atleast the resources of Telangana would be spent on Telangana .Atleast the Telangana politicans will prosper from robbing the state.There are stats out there on the internet to show the huge difference in the funds allocated to the development of Telangana vs Andhra in the past 50 yrs.
Also, KCR made a good point yesterday.HYD has settlers from all over India and not just Andhra/Rayalseema.Just like others are coming and living in hyd, ppl from andhra will also do the same in a Telangana state.
And when hyd was made part of ANdhra Pradesh, it was the 5th largest city in India, and it still is today.It just grew like other cities, it didn't grow just coz ppl from Andhra/ Rayalseema came here to develop the city.
PPL from Andhra.PPl came to HYD coz they saw opportunities there.

DivSu said...

@Kumar - I do not censor comments unless they are completely irrelevant to the post and/or are rude attacks on me :)

As for Hyd, there is no denying that people will continue to migrate there as is with any major city. I don't think I am contesting that point. No one should stop that and as for that matter I don't think any one person can stop it (purely capability perspective).

Also, people belong to where they are born and/or grow up. Childhood memories are that strong. I was born and brought up in Hyd and so I will always belong there. If it is in AP, I am an APite, if it belongs to Telangana, I will be a Telangana-ite. So this is also a no contest.

Also, no one person or clan can take credit for making a city. For breaking a city, yes. For making it, no. Especially in an organic civilization like ours. This is also quite a straight point with no gray scale to it.

So I don't think we are in disagreement on Hyd's status here.

The only thing I am saying is, if diverting funds is the problem, we can have a legislation mandating so much percentage to be diverted to Telangana. Or some such solution.

I am really apprehensive of this smaller states phenomenon. It doesn't breed well. It makes us too individualistic and it has the same pros and cons as a joint family vs nuclear family has. I am an advocate for joint families, so there you go!

shilpa said...

You know Divya I had the same question on my blog comments too. People saying more states = more manageable governing = more development but no one thinks about the intentions of the politicians. Unfortunately, I have a feeling all development in Andhra/Telangana will go south after this.

Dream Runner said...

Well written :)

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