Tuesday, December 08, 2009

I am in distress

- I do not want a separate Telangana state, but who is listening to the citizens, it is all political and some more power grabbing efforts on the way.

-I wish people would call for bandhs and rasta rokos for social causes, I would be all too happy to participate.

-I had to sign an affidavit full of words like "solemn", "hereby" etc etc for Rohan's passport. It is all convoluted language I say! It goes something like "We declare that the particulars of XY, son of X and Y, of whom we are parents..". I am saying he is son of X and Y, I am X, dad is Y, why do I again need to say "of whom we are parents"?!?!?!?!?!?!?

-I wonder why the Congress chieftan is running the country. Internal Congress issues, please, satisfy yourself and go all out to solve them. A state is reeling under crisis, the Prime Minister is sitting in Russia signing N-deals, and all that the stupid AP government can do is to appeal to "Madam" to decide on if a separate state should be formed. Who is she, I ask. Just another MP, I say. Why is she deciding anything.

I don't want a separate Telangana state, but who is listening?


Kidee said...

Hey Divya

Lets just hope 'The Madam' doesn't approve of it atleast.

BTW 'sine of motherhood' doesn't allow me to access anymore?


shilpa said...

I hate it when politicians take up 'causes' like these that benefit no one but themselves. A separate Telangana would spell doom for the region. But who is listening?
They should also leave the poor students of OU out of politics.

kumar said...

Going by KCRs sincereity to the cause of Telengana, he would have ended fasting 2 days after he began fasting, but he got rapped by others this time when he tried to chicken out.So, one good outcome of this could be KCR would be no more,his fasting entered 10th day and his health is deteriorating and he deserves it as he again and again exploited the sentiment of Telangana people for his personal gain.
I am not opposed to separate Telangana state though if that is what it takes to uplift the downtrodden region and this time I don't think its the politicians thats driving this movement

Anonymous said...

I kind of agree with kumar here, I'm not completely for it, but if some good comes out of it, so be it. But I think some wise folks should get together and plan out the details of how it would be handled if and when the separate statehood is granted. or better yet put plans before the madam/confused public and ask for the state. That way they can reason out how it might be advantageous having a separate state. Wouldn't want it to end up as another uttarakhand/jharkhand. That's a scary thought!

Rupa said...

aah, I am not able to bring myself to digest this separate state thing. AP is AP. I can never see it divided. I am devastated with these nasty politics. but as you said who is listening..... :(

DivSu said...

@Deepika - I am cleaning up that blog, decided to move all motherhood material to this blog itself :) If you already read the posts, there were no updates in the last couple weeks.

@Rupa - Not sure if you ever got to see the other blog at all. But like I said I am cleaning it up anyways.

@Shilpa - The students in OU who actually are out torching buses are nothing but poor. Some of them would probably be in their mid-thirties, very much jobless and completely rowdy. OU has always been like this. The innocent students anyways never participate in drama like this.

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