Monday, August 11, 2014

Back Home

Not home in Bangalore but in Hyd for the week. One of my baby cousins (well, once a baby, not anymore!) is getting married! So we got here a week ahead to increase the tempo of the festivities ;) Or so we like to think ;)

Somehow coming to Hyd is always special. The first day especially, the landing, the settling in with the kids etc, and then the surge of 21 years of memories. The familiar lanes, the familiar stations, the people, the language, the AP number plates, everything. It always makes me feel fresh as if I was just born and living the first 21 years of my life all over again. Places, faces, memories have so much power! You just need to be able to let it sink in and experience it, it is really incredible!


Anonymous said...

Lovely, I say again ,. you are so lucky !

DivSu said...

Anonymous - Thank you! :)

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