Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Two weeks

Two weeks since I started going back to work! Time is indeed flying!! Seems only yesterday when I was anxious about stepping out for the first time. My mom has managed the baby handsomely well and this is something that would not have been possible if she wasn't around.

One thing that people keep saying when they see me for the first time after the break at work is that I look same as before, I must say it gives me the kicks! I'm almost back to pre baby weight spare a couple of kilos. What took me almost two years last time is done in 5 months. All the more so reason to be happy since I am not a natural weight loser and to top it, hog like a pig;) So its literally taken a lot of sweat to get here. Proud:) My team seems genuinely happy to see me back, another reason to feel nice:) 

Today is a holiday and friends from Madison had come over. The couple moved to India recently and it was fun to catch up with them - was seeing them after nearly ten years! They have two boys as well and the house was a party:) Fun!

Spent the morning reading 'altrtnate' history, feeling sad about how much the 'dynasty' buried forever in the blind quest for power and money. Also realised how crores of children are fed brainwashing history in the guise of text book material:(

Also still trying to make out the strategy behind the crown prince's outburst last week - it was either utterly stupid or masterly crafty. I believe it's the latter devised under the able eye of the mother but end of the day, it's the Indian populace that is being made out to be stupid!


Anonymous said...

And here I thought, you put in ur papers to quit!!

DivSu said...

Anonymous thinker- I don't know what made you think that way!

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