Sunday, October 27, 2013

This and that

Son turned 6 months already!! Last time the single biggest mommy-hood disappointment for me was not being able to nurse the son exclusively for the entire 6 months. This time, we did it! I was counting down to 6 months very nervously, but in the end - all is well :)

Father in law is back from the US! It's been only 3 months, but it seems so long. Dad brought home jalebis to celebrate the occasion and it was sweetness all around :)

Already 10 months over this year! Sigh, time is just running.

I feel I am hardly doing any work around the house anymore, thanks to parents and father in law being around. Sometimes I feel terribly guilty - but the older son has taken to everyone in the most decided fashion. Where he used to insist on me doing everything, he eats, takes a shower, brushes his teeth etc, with my mom and dad and father in law - whomever his fancy picks at that moment, and suddenly I find myself utterly jobless!! With the second one, I seem to be doing just 1/10th of the work I was doing with the older one.

All in all, life is good. Everyone is around, and its generally a happy time :)


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