Friday, March 11, 2011

Telangana - a shame

Some months ago I wrote this post on Telangana.

Months later, I had stopped following the news and anything related to this "agitation" since it was becoming more and more of a joke. I knew that everytime KCR went on a fast, he'd take a (few) crore(s) to stop the tamasha. Well, I said, no point.

But what happened on Tuesday was a shame. The tank bund is one of the symbols of Hyderabad and what happened there because a few adrenalin pumped "protestors" didn't know what else to do, is probably a worse mockery of this country's petty political climate than Rabri Devi getting sworn in as CM for the first time (at that time I thought that was the biggest joke made of the country but we have had far worse scandals since then).

So the folks who thought that a separate Telangana was a good idea (at least the sensible ones) still think so? Do we really trust KCR so much to protect the interests of the Telangana people? I would be surprised if I heard a yes :( To me, it is just a stunt to create another CM position in the country and all the cabinet that goes with it so we can have a few more scams. Sad, but true.


Umang said...

Yes, it is a sad situation. I think the country's laws need to be made strict - anyone indulging in looting, arson, rioting, destruction of property goes in front of a fast track court and put into prison for a minimum for 5 years hard labor (i.e. you work in prison not enjoy tax payer paid benefits). Too much goondaism in India. Telengana or no Telengana - there is no justification for violence and property destruction. Heavy fines and prison terms are need of the hour. :(

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