Monday, January 23, 2017

14 and counting

Today I finish 14 years of working at a desk! I still remember my first job as a co-op at GE-Lunar in Madison - the first couple of days I was totally freaked out and wondered how I would spend the rest of my working life sitting within the same building for 8 hours straight! If I sat at the desk for more than an hour, I would feel fidgety and start to feel sleepy at the same time. It was a really nerve-wracking experience - and since it was the first couple of days (plus it was winter!), I wouldn't dare to step out for lunch, which meant 9-5 in the same building, on the same floor. I was zapped. I would never survive this for long.

And yet, life moved on. I adapted. I never thought I would survive in a techie role for more than a couple of years and yet, here I am :) Getting bored of just doing a management role and so doing something technical to "keep it interesting".

Who would have thought! :)


Anonymous said...

My wife, My kid and I have taken many trips from Minneapolis to Chicago and often pass Madison. Just an interesting tidbit from our side :)

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