Friday, March 25, 2016

Cup of joy!

Several months ago, I read this article on Citizen Matters -

I had heard about menstrual cups about twice by then, but had no idea how they worked - I just assumed they were another thing like Tampons.

After I read this article, I was struck very much by the fact that it is ZERO menstrual waste to landfills. I was determined to at least give it a shot, although I was always weary of even using tampons and never switched to them.

I knew if I thought too much, I would just keep postponing it, so I just went ahead and bought a Diva cup without thinking further, almost with a fierce determination.

I was a little nervous. I wanted to give it a trial once before the real deal. It was not a great experience. People did say everywhere that it would be a steep learning curve but I was more than sufficiently shaken.

Yet when the time came, I braved it, and I am so happy I did!

There is of course the ZERO guilt about generating menstrual waste month after month. And that is not even the best part! It is so amazingly convenient and comfortable, you can just forget that you are going through it! After a long long time, I've stopped cursing god/nature/whoever it is that is responsible for making women go through this pain month after month, and that is saying a lot!

Of course, when I went running there would still be some mishaps, but after 4-5 months of experience, finally the last time, even with running, it was amazing!

Ladies, if not all of you, at lease those of you who are married and definitely those with kids, please, do not make any more excuses, switch, and figure out the happiness! And of course, help in a big way with the environment :)


Sarah said...

wow! U tried it!!! I too have been wanting to try it but have been unsure... What if the cup tips over while its inside? But if it stays in place even when running, then there shouldn't be much reason to worry.

DivSu said...

Yeah Sarah - but there is a learning curve, like I said first few times, there were mishaps, but the severity of mishaps kept coming down until finally this last time, there was no mishap at all :) Static walking etc, usually is much safer, not much to worry about.

Deepa said...

I got one 2 years back and is idling ! Does it work for heavy flows ? Maybe I should try on normal days we well for a few minutes to get the hang

DivSu said...

It works like a charm for all flows :) Yeah best to try it out on normal days first to give you the confidence and practice.

Deepa said...

How do you wash your cup ? Meaning which mild soap you use ? I am also worried about how to wash it with clean water while in India but atleast at home it can be taken care of

DivSu said...

I usually wash it with my body wash (from Body Shop) or Dettol hand wash. Not sure about mildness, but it has worked so far for me. "clean water while in India" - if you are an NRI then that is very condescending, thank you. We do have access to clean water in most parts in India you know. If you are not an NRI and you were asking about how to do it while outside home, then have no fear, you can wear it up to 12 hours, so you can always ensure you change only at home.

Deepa said...

Whether NRI or not , aqua guard was my trusted source of water or plain boiled water for kids and for sensitive purposes .... I have seen reddish copper tap water to sparkling clean water in chennai and waiting 12 hrs is not an option for me :(( BTW US too has its share of contaminated water , just not scary enough yet !!!

DivSu said...

Deepa - presuming you work, you should be able to have access to clean water at work. Presuming you do not, then you should be able to manage at home. Presuming you have a traveling job which involves traveling all over the city, it might not hurt to carry some water around.

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