Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The wives and their cars

In most of the couples I know, the wife drives the better and bigger (by implication, more expensive) car. Wonder why. I was doing one of my stray thinking bouts when I happened to see one such couple I know driving past - the husband driving the car for a change, that it was the wife's car, she usually drives around in that. Then thoughts went to Rohan's friend's mom and dad, there too, wife drives the more expensive, bigger car. Then I started thinking about it and surely I noticed a pattern. It's not at all uncommon. Wonder what the deal is with guys buying their wives, or couples investing in bigger, more expensive cars for the woman.

Considering our thought process being that a woman is the weaker driver compared to a man, surely this doesn't fit in. Another thing to notice is that when the couple drive together, it is always the husband who drives the car when they take out the wife's. Again an infallible repetition.

Just an observation jotted down.


Anonymous said...

Safety is the logic behind it. Bigger cars are safer if your driving is prone to get you in accidents.

DivSu said...

Ahh, that is a good point - did not think about it that way.

Anonymous said...

Safety. Usually women drive around the kids a lot, so bigger cars are more safe for the family. And also kids stuff need more space. And about the husband driving when they are together.. I guess they take out the bigger car when the family is together and the husband wants a chance behind the wheels ;)

DivSu said...

The second part is totally right I guess:)

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