Sunday, May 19, 2013

One month!

The younger one turns one month today! Its a milestone I was eagerly awaiting on 18th April - just to be done with the whole thing and settle into some semblance of a routine, and here it already is!! Time flies, truly!!

Cannot think of how we could have managed without my mom and father in law. Truly thankful for their help. Every day I spend at least a few minutes, in at least 10 situations trying to imagine, what I would have to do if I was alone with both kids at home. And it is material which nightmares are made of. For this, I have to thank them and my Dad too, for although he is absent, he is contributing in his own way, managing alone at home in Hyd while my mom attends to our needs here.

This month also saw my sister moving to Bangalore. I am really hoping it will be a long term move and the cousins will grow up together just like we did with our cousins way back in time.


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