Friday, February 08, 2013

Happy Eighth!!

Today we finish seven years of married life. It's been a great journey - life has been content and happy. Nothing major to worry or fret over - it has been a nice and pleasant ride since we came together :) A lot of things to reminisce about. This week is special, not just because we got married but because coincidentally, in the preceding years, we made great forays into the process of getting married ;) So, the first week of Feb always makes me very very nostalgic :)

My parents and aunt came over today - it is nice to have family around - both of us also stayed back home. Son was happy to see everyone and was eager to hear from me that we are staying home and not going to school. My very close friend called in the morning to wish and it was so great to hear her voice, all excited for me :)

My parents have always let me live my life on my own terms. They seemed to have confidence in whatever I did and never objected to any decision I made. I am glad they respected and trusted my decision on this matter too. For them it was a tough day, bidding farewell to a very loved and cherished daughter. But they did it and I am always thankful to them for it.

Reminded of my mother in law today somehow. Especially one incident which happened during the wedding. The wedding was scheduled for 11.34 AM and I was very paranoid about not eating anything till lunch (yeah I am like that, food and me are inseparable!) - I mentioned this to my in laws a bunch of times in passing/jest before the D-day. So on the day of the wedding, my mother in law actually smuggled in a nice breakfast plate into my room under her saree pallu and told me to finish it before others could come and see. I was so glad at this gesture. Totally floored and feeling nice and thankful. So it happened that Subhash married on an empty stomach (yeah, she did not smuggle food for him;) ) as is the tradition but I really did not ;) So for all her monthly ceremonies, I always had breakfast and never did the rituals on an empty stomach - I figured she might like that better :)

He'd said once that if I married him, he would only be giving me two loving sets of parents instead of one. How true that has ringed all of these years. Regardless of who or what or where, my in laws have always stood by me, cherished my accomplishments just the same as if they were their own kids' (if not more), and enriched our lives in more ways than one. This has definitely made life very easy and trouble-free. I hope to do the same for my son's wife some day :)

So it has been seven years of happy times. Fifteen years of knowing each other, nine years of courting, three years of parenting, and many more such significant milestones. Here is to many more such!


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Happy 7th and 8th ;)

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